Plant Based Alternatives to Retinol

Plant Based Alternatives to Retinol

Retinol is a chemical derivative of Vitamin A and as we all want to experience the benefits of what it can do, sometimes it can be aggravating to the skin, especially for those with sensitivities but the good news is there are more gentle alternatives. While some of the more gentler options, like plant based, may not have the same potency as Retinoids or give you the same results as the synthetic chemicals, when these plant based Vitamin A oils are paired to complement one another and their effects they can give you remarkable results by stimulating collagen at a deeper level and firming & brightening the skin with that extra anti-ageing skin boost you've been looking for.

Plant based oils have made a huge impact over the years and even within my own personal skincare routine I've incorporated some powerful Vitamin A oils like Bakuchiol, Rosehip and Neroli and am so happy with the results I've had. Even though these can be gentler options, remember that when trying new oils you want to use carrier oils along with your essential oils and any new retinol product be sure to start with one day a week as you begin to introduce them as they still can slightly irritate until they adapt to your skin.

These are some Natural Retinol Alternatives that you may want to try and incorporate into your routine if you're looking to explore other options:

Rosehip Oil: Contains Vitamin A as well as lycopene and Beta carotene, great for hydration and sensitive skin

Carrot Seed Oil: Contains Vitamin A and Beta carotene, great for skin detoxifying but needs to be mixed with a carrier oil, like almond oil, before you apply.

Neroli Oil - Contains Vitamin A and is rich in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory qualities, reduces fine like and is great for skin cell regeneration


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