Brand Story

Flaweless was created from the root of the heart, from a girl who wanted to feel beautiful, to have a glow that she could be so in love with that she would finally stop comparing her skin to every other woman.

Growing up in the 90's the trend was to be as dark and tanned as you could be, that's what beauty was and at a certain point when I felt like I couldn't get any darker, that's when the tanning oils and beds became an obsession. Little did I know, or anyone truly teach me, about where this was going to lead my skin down the road. By the time I learned about hyper pigmentation I noticed I had so many patches on my face, dry and dark and knew this couldn't be the way, this couldn't be beauty, this couldn't be healthy.

I spent years using products recommended all around me but I never liked the results and still had dry patches on my face. Understanding that it was going to take time to reverse the damage already done, I focused on repairing my skin barrier and figuring out what I needed to lock in moisture and keep it protected, one patient step at a time, until I seen results. After many DIY's and researching oils specific to my skin needs I eventually evened out the tone and moisture to start loving my natural skin again.

It's been over 2 years of using plant based oils and for the first time, I keep stopping to stare at my skin because I have finally found the "awe" in myself that I wanted so badly. It took me over 30 years to realize that my skin tone, my beauty marks, my freckles, my so called "flaws" are what make me one of a kind and different from everyone else out there and that is something to feel beautiful about.

So with the support and love of everyone around me, Flaweless was then created, in my kitchen, with the belief and conviction knowing that I can give more women that clean, plant based, silky smooth skin to have them falling in love with their natural beauty. I have never been more proud to give you such a bold, toxic free, silky smooth beauty line that will simplify your routine with a few powerful drops a day!

Living life in the BEAUTY of it all!

"You can find beauty in everything when you decide for yourself what that looks like, not what others tell you it should be"